Monday, December 04, 2006

Okay, it's still the day after the last post - even though I'm a tad late - so here goes:

New years is approaching, and for the first time in my life I'm thinking of making some new years promises. Here they are in order of difficulty:

3: Sugar and caffeine only one day per week (honey and decaf the others)

2: Some sort of exercise at least two times per week - three times if I don't have a good excuse

1: I shall meet up 10 minutes early for every appointment I make and spend the time waiting going through arabic or german flash cards

I am publishing these in order to amass the necessary social pressure for actually managing to go through with them. Anyway, those are the easy ones - there's also the issue of having my business succeede ( - tell all your rich friends) and stuff of that kind - but I don't feel they fit the spirit of new years promising.

To the end of having my business succeed, and for making flashcards more enjoyable - I've been learning arabic calligraphy. The kind I'm learning is called diwani and is probably one of the more popular ones for logos and headlines and such. Some examples:

My name, written by my teacher, just to show how it's done:

A couple of words I wrote:

And then my favorite letter in this kind of calligraphy, the Kaf. Sorry about the bad image quality:

I've also, for no good reason really, been learning 3D modelling, using the free open source program blender (that's a link). This is the best I've done so far:

Bringing me to promise four: do some none-cutesy art. Less puppies and children, more guns and gore. At some point I'll have to draw a picture of the pope - wielding two flying v guitars and being flanked by barely dressed women armed with.. either battle axes or oversized sci-fi guns. Humanity needs this!

Speaking of humanities needs: new years promises are unfortunately jokingly refered to as fragile - and because of this, the true new years promise is becoming a thing of the past - one of those great things that people used to do in the old days. Like being polite, wanting to be a scientist when you grow up or wearing a hat.

In the last words of this post, I'll lift my cup of tea while typing (disregarding the risk!) - me keeping those promises won't merely be for my own well being, it will be striking a blow for all great things lost - and here's to that.


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