Wednesday, August 16, 2006

As I stepped out of the airconditioned airplane cabin, the heat hit me like a wall. Kind of like Cairo had decided to greet me with a big, sweaty hug, filled with smog. It felt wierd to be back at first. I've not re-met with anyone I know here yet, so it's still not exactly the same - but it all felt a lot more familiar after arguing with the cabbies at the airport (I think I gave up too soon, though. £E55 is too much :l)

My rucksack is still hanging around in Oslo, or at least it was so when I arrived in Cairo. First time I've experienced that particular brand of trouble. Luckily all my valuables are in my carry on bag. Except my clothes and a bunch of books. I think I'll make do until they return my rucksack.... though, I'm not quite sure I should have told them I'm staying till december.

Yahoo weather tells me it's 33 degrees here now, which is a little less than when I left, I think. It feals a lot worse. In fact, it feels pretty horrible. Unfortunately, I know I'll get used to this, and freeze my.... everything off when I come home for christmas.

Dunno how often I'll update the blog, but it seems people actually read it, so maybe I'll put some more effort in it this semester.

شهفك(that's probably misspelled)


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