Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Double update since it's been really really long (yep, there's a new post below this one as well, it isn't all child-friendly though, so I'd advice against reading it if you're less than 15 or so) - blogger is acting screwy back home for some reason, so I'm posting from school.

About the weather here

It's not all sunny and dandy, in fact, an american told me "when I got here I was constantly worrying about the overcast and wondering why it never seemed to start raining - that is, before I discovered that that was no overcast, it's smog".

When you come to a city that's the capital city of a third world country and also the most densely populated city in Africa (8th in the world I think) - it's only reasonable to expect smog, but I didn't really think of it. Other rumors say that living in Cairo is equivalent to smoking a pack a day in terms of how well you're treating your lungs - this sounds a bit too catchy(but not too crazy) to be true in my opinion.

It's rained twice in Cairo while I've been here, in case you were wondering....

The weather is allready approaching warm enough for t-shirts, in fact I see several of them in the room with me now. At this pace, Cairo will be insufferable to me around may when it's time for finals - I'm getting more sure that I'll not be staying here for the summer. I hear it's snowing in Norway :D

The other day I also witnessed winds filled with sand from the desert. It was nowhere near as dramatic as in the movies (ie it was not like a beige snow-storm), but more like a fog - in fact the main difference between that day and days with heavy smog was that the fog was yellow in stead of blue.

It's been a while since I've had my camera out for a walk, so I think I might do that this weekend.


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