Friday, January 20, 2006

Maybe this will be one of the few blogs that actually works like an online diary. I feel sorry about this possibility to those who would feel obligated to read it, as that'd mean it will become really boring.

I actually visited the AUC dorms today, and had a good long walk around town (after a cabbie miserably failed me and a couple of american students - charging us LE20, which is quite outrageous, especially considering the fact that he didn't get us anywhere...)

My main worry here now is that I won't get to know any egyptians. They mostly seem like open, chatty people who are anything but shy and reclusive, so I don't really think that will be a problem. Several egyptians actually approached us the street, starting conversations - and some of those didn't even have anything to sell.

Another worry is all those everyday things, food, a more permanent place to stay and so on....


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