Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hi, sorry for the lack of updates, I've been at a school trip to alexandria, and thought I'd have internet access there, but I didn't. We were at this really expensive Hilton hotel, which wasn't all that impressive - the funniest thing being the bar: the wine list had two wines listed: "red" and "white" (both supposedly terrible), they also had three kinds of whisky: "good", "cheap" and "special" and everyone who ordered a long island ice tea got something different (but never actually a long island ice tea)

Me and some others decided to stay behind downtown for a day, and I think I like Alexandria. It's a port city, like both of my hometowns - so the wind from the sea blows away a lot of the smog, and you have a nice view of the sea. The architecture is also a lot more varied than in Cairo, even though some said things seemed a bit more run down. It strikes me as kind of strange to think of that Cairo is bigger than Alex, as I think port cities tend to be bigger and wealthier... I also met with Amani, an internet aquaintance of mine, and we had a chat and a Pizza, so all in all it was a worthwile stay.

Back in Cairo now, classes start tomorrow and I'm going to get up early to find the building my first class is at - the only clue being the cryptic "SSCI" that stands in the "Bldg" coloumn on the sheet that lists my classes. Oh, and none of the courses I was planning on taking were avaliable (except arabic) so I'll be taking this:

Accellerated modern standard arabic, Arab society(anthropology), survey of arab history and philosophy & religion.

It'll be fun I think, and I hope my home university can approve these readily, because I think I'll have to get very lucky to change them (they do a lot of stuff on paper here....)


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