Saturday, January 21, 2006

Reader's/interactor's manual:

I think there are people here who may not be completely familiar with how a blog works. So because of that (and because I've been hogging the one PC in the hostel for all too long), I'll now post a user's manual in stead of the scheduled programming:

It's very simple: The first posts/entry are at the bottom, and as I get more pages, at the last pages. Every time I post something new, it pops up at the top.

Important: By clicking the 'X comments' link at the bottom of each post, you can add your own comment - I highly encourage this, because I love attention, but note that these comments are as public as this blog. Private or embarrassing comments should be given through mail.

By clicking at the time underneath each post, you can open the post up seperately and thus get a permanent link to it (unlike if you just link to , in which case the post will dissappear behind the first page after a while...)

The blue top-bar has nothing to do with me, it's the site that hosts this blog.

And that should be everything.


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