Friday, December 08, 2006

My new favorite way of getting dinner

It's been a long while since the last time I actually cooked - pretty much every day this semester, I've been eating dinner out. You see, some of the motivation of cooking for yourself disappears when you can eat out for the same price or less (not necessarily as good food, but I'm a student - I'm happy as long as I'm fueled).

My new way of getting food is pretty simple, really - and it means that I can get dinner from as low as four pounds Egyptian (omtrent en femmer). I merely go to the closest Koshari( place and ask for a medium koshary to go, without the "macarona". Then I take the little plastic bucket of koshary to the closest streetfood spot and ask them to put some liver (kibda) on top. The liver and the koshary can cost as little as two pounds each (possibly less, I don't know). This gives me a meal that's healthy enough, pretty tasty and very cheap.

I usually sit down at a nearby cafè to eat the meal as well, which means I usually feel I have to order a glass of tea from them as well - wastefully bringing the total close to six pounds, like a true decadent westerner :p

It's going to be hard to start cooking again when I return to Norway - but I don't think Koshari is very difficult to make, and liver can't be too expensive even there.


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